19. Sep, 2018

Black Shampoo Full Movie Download

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A black hairstylist has sex with his female customers, and tries to keep the Mafia from taking over his business.

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original title: Black Shampoo

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Romance

imdb: 5

duration: 1h 25min

tags: Mr. Jonathan is one bad mother!

budget: $50,000

keywords: mafia, killedwithachainsaw, cabininthewoods, barbecueparty, faceslap, dinnerdate, washingsomeone'shair, salon, telephonecall, alcohol, hairdryer, blood, mercedes, sunglasses, shower, punchedintheface,

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A black hairstylist has sex with his female customers, and tries to keep the Mafia from taking over his business. "Black Sampoo" tells the story of a black hairdresser, who, due to his physics, is booked by lonely ladies hungry for sex. When he falls in love with his new receptionist, things soon turn ugly, as he discovers that she has been previously involved with the organized crime and is now chased by them, thus bringing everyone in the saloon in serious danger.

The movie pretty much starts as a soft porn and develops into a very average mob story. It is neither very creative nor innovative, but at least it tries to provide some sort of story to connect the nude scenes in between. The acting is actually not bad and all together this could be just an average trash movie, if it wasn't for a very ugly scene. In this scene the character tries to rape a girl and, after a while, seems to convince her into mutual sex. Now of course this whole film objectifies women anyway, which is bad enough in itself, nevertheless this tops everything that happened before. The idea that is sent out through this, that "No!" is really just a "Try harder!" is so ugly that I cannot but give the lowest rating here.

All in all this is a lot of nudity connected by a mediocre story and a very unhealthy attitude towards sexual independence. Blaxploitation is a seriously underrated genre. Bottom line, it you enjoy blaxploitation you'll love 'Black Shampoo' he's one bad mother... shut your mouth.

Actually the hero Mr. Jonathan isn't a vigilante. He's just the only straight hair stylist at a salon catering to desperate white housewives. Inevitably Mr. Jonathan ends up giving his clients more than just shampoo, that is if their daughters don't get to him first.

Mr. Jonathan gets into a tussle with a give turkey heroine smugger whom wants Mr. Jonathan's love interest back as his black sex slave. When Mr. Jonathan tries to defend her, their salon is vandalized by thugs.

The whole thing ends in a bloody showdown involving chainsaws, axes, and pool sticks. Surprisingly violent.

So the plot's light but 'Black Shampoo' delivers on the classic blaxploitation is promises.

The recent film 'Black Dynamite' failed as a parody of blaxploitation because it failed to realized that blaxploitation is funny enough on its own.


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